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Autor: Raffaele Garofalo (Aka Raffaeu)
Section: Design patterns
Title: Prism tutorial

Project Description

Prism tutorial is a sample application that uses the Microsoft Adventure Works Light database to demonstrate how to build an application that uses:

Entity Framework
Enterprise Library for the application blocks


Prism tutorial is an open source project that will guide the developer through all the steps in order to build an enterprise application with the Microsoft NET Framework 3.5.
The project has 3 tiers that will spread the responsibility through 3 different machines (virtually because the Visual Studio solution is only one).
  • SQL Server
    • It will contain the database and the database objects
  • IIS 7
    • Data access layer with Entity Framework
    • WCF host service for the persistence
    • WCF host service for the security access
  • PRISM (Composite WPF application)
    • This layer will use the PRISM pattern to render a WPF modular application

This is a simple schema of the application tiers:


This project is the source code for the Raffaeu blog tutorials entitled: "Build Enterprise Applications with WPF, WCF, Entity Framework and Prism" available at this address: Raffaeu Blog.

The tutorials available will be updated in the Documentation Page of this project.

The source code check-in should reflect each tutorial.

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